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Our Bantams are very popular with our customers here at Plas Poultry & Farm Toys. As with our large fowl, all of our bantams are bred and reared here and include exhibition quality stock. We have some very rare colours of Pekins available to ensure that we stand out as a business.

Bantams make fantastic broody hens and can be used to sit on eggs and hatch them for you - they become very dedicated to the cause so often work better than an incubator! If they’re happy they will lay a good number of eggs annually, these eggs are a lot smaller than the large pure breed pullets due to the birds small build. Bantams are often the preferred birds for our customers who have children as they can be very quiet and tame.

Prices of our Bantams vary depending on breed, so message us on Facebook or the contact us tab for further information. Hatching eggs are also available for these birds, dependent on availability.

Below is a breed list of the Bantams we breed: