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We love ducks and it seems like our customers do too so we have added a large number of gorgeous breeds to take your fancy. If you are looking for something as popular as a Fawn and White Indian Runner or something as rare as the Mallard Indian Runners - then look no further!

Ducks are absolutely fantastic layers and will be sure to provide you with as many eggs as a pure breed chicken would every year. They are quite messy though so we don’t suggest that they are mixed in with your chickens. They are wonderful animals to have around the garden so long as they have regular access to water.

Prices vary depending on breeds so get in touch for further information, we also sell hatching eggs from certain breeds throughout the year.

The Breeds we have on offer are listed below:

Fawn and White Indian Runners

Welsh Harlequin

Cherry Valleys

Khaki Campbells

Yellow Belly and Mallard Runners