Plas Poultry & Farm Toys

Large Fowl Breeds

Here at Plas Poultry & Farm Toys all of our Large Fowl Breeds are bred and reared here at home. We have a very extensive range of birds for you to choose from, all of which we have invested heavily into to ensure that top bloodlines are included in the breeding of the birds. We sell the majority of our birds at Point of Lay, occasionally we sell the birds as chicks and we also are able to provide you with hatching eggs if you live too far away from us.

Pure breed pullets lay fewer eggs per year when compared to a hybrid but they have a much longer laying life. Prices of our pure breed pullets vary depending on breed, so message us on Facebook or the contact us tab for further information.

Below is a breed list of the large fowl birds we breed:

Black Orpingtons

Buff Orpingtons

Copper Black Maran

Cream Legbar

Gold Laced Barnevelder

Lavender Orpingtons

Light Sussex

Plymouth Rock

Silver Laced Wyandotte



White Orpingtons