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Our hybrids are the most popular choice for our customers who are looking for high egg production. They have a pretty appearance with a large selection of colours to choose from. If you want eggs these are the birds for you!!

The price of a hybrid here at Plas Poultry & Farm Toys is £16 - £20 each and we often have a large number of breeds for you to pick from. Hybrids will lay around 320-340 eggs a year and can be very quiet when they realise where their food comes from! They’re a very hardy bird and ideal for first time poultry keepers due to their docility.

Availability of hybrids depends on demand as it fluctuates annually. March to August are our busiest months so getting in touch to preorder is highly recommended. See some of our breeds below:

Black Point (Blue Eggs)

Blue Point (Blue Eggs)

Blue Splash


Calder Ranger

Cheshire Blue - Blue Egg Layer

Copper Black Maran Hybrid - Dark Brown Egg Layer


Light Sussex


Mottled Leghorns (White Eggs)

Rhode Rock

Russett - Olive Egg Layer

Silver Sussex



Wheaten Maran Hybrid - Dark Egg Layer

White Splash (Olive Eggs)

White Star - White Egg Layer